If Every Egg in The World Hatched at Once

There’s a lot to worry about regarding the fate of the world. In this day and age, we don’t need any more to fear. But here’s something: What if every single egg on Earth hatched—all at the same time?

It doesn’t seem like a big deal at first. What’s the world with a few more chickens? What’s so bad about more chickens?

But the world isn’t just chickens all the way down. There are other poultries. Imagine yourself surrounded by all these snow geese: surrounded, some would say, by every bird in the world hatched at once from her maternal ovum.

Okay, okay, now think about fish.


Every fish in the world hatching at once. The caviar in your breakfast omelet, the caviar in your lunch omelet, every fish egg in the world, hatching at once. Remember the ocean? Now it’s just fish. Yikes.

But that’s not all, no way. Imagine the bugs. The mosquito eggs, all hatching while every fish egg is hatching while every snow goose egg is hatching while every chicken egg is hatching, and the insect eggs fall on you like rain, and all of the sudden, the Earth is your egg—and you, my friend, are the chicken.

Incredible. It’s hard to believe, but it could happen. It probably won’t, but it could.

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