Local Business Celebrates Grand Re-Closing

Local clothing boutique Lavender Petals on Main Street celebrated its grand re-closing last week, having first closed in May of 2014. Lillian Anderson, the former owner, was overjoyed at the occasion, saying, “I wasn’t quite as nervous as the first time but it was still a huge turning point in my life.”

“When the boutique first closed, I justified it at the time by blaming the bad economy, but I felt like I was rushing the decision, so I opened it again,” said Anderson. “Now I’m much more confident in my decision. Ann Arbor’s economy really can’t sustain a 16th clothing boutique, and now I’m sure of that.”

Resident Kathy Woltz said, “I’m so happy for Lillian, and I really did miss that vacant, boarded up property that I always walked by on Main. Now it’s back, and Lillian can start an exciting new chapter in her life. We’re both happy!”

Anderson expressed excitement at her future, saying, “I have months, maybe even years of sitting around at home, trying everything to avoid swallowing my pride and going to work for my dad’s company after all. I have enough money saved to keep that up for a pretty long time.”

Other Ann Arbor business owners expressed similar sentiments about the store’s most recent re-closing.

Main Street restaurant owner Ben Strauss said, “that old vacant space with the paper taped over the windows was a real local fixture. The neighborhood just never felt the same with the boutique open. I, for one, am glad it’s gone for good.”

When asked about her future plans, Anderson said she is considering opening a nail salon in a nearby strip mall that will last three years at most.

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