Local News Reporter Hopes Sandra Watching This One

Glover said he prefers that Chuko get his “good side.”

According to sources inside WZZM 16, local traffic reporter Christian Glover had begun another morning report with the hopes that his ex-wife Sandra was watching this one.

“It’s been 10 months since the divorce, but I like to think that means 10 months of Sandra tuning in every morning at 7:20 a.m. to see me reporting on the traffic conditions and noticing that I’ve started to grow a beard,” explained Glover, whose two minute report is viewed by approximately 5,000 local people in the West Michigan area.

According to other members of the WZZM 16 staff, Glover’s divorce has been affecting the production. “This morning, he’s even gone so far as to request the segment be filmed outside. He said that ‘Sandra always loved a rugged, windblown look’ or something like that,” explained cameraman Vince Chuko.

For his part, Glover remains hopeful. “I have a pretty serious pileup to report on later this morning, and if Sandra’s watching, I’m sure she’ll take note of my respectfully solemn demeanor and realize that I can be an emotionally responsible partner,” he said.

“But there’s always the chance that she doesn’t watch Traffic and Transit,” continued Glover. “That really weighs on me—going out and doing this job every morning with no real idea whether or not Sandra is appreciating all my effort.”

At press time, Glover was seen asking producers about openings in weather field reporting.

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