New Luxury High-Rise Offers Spacious Rooms, Great View Of Financial Aid Recipients

Residents can see scholarship students from the second-floor jacuzzi.

Set to open in fall 2016, new luxury apartment building Granite Lofts will reportedly offer students state-of-the-art rooms as well as premium high-rise views of all the financial aid recipients down below.

The apartment building, which is being built as a result of increasing demand for luxury housing, is being marketed toward affluent students who do not want to live in a dorm, small apartment, or rundown house, but wish to gaze upon the less fortunate students who must.

Jonathan Warren, a marketing representative for the complex, explained his plans for the living environment that the apartment aims to promote.

He said, “Our goal is to provide a luxury living community where residents can feel safe, comfortable, and removed from an environment where students are concerned about things like money and paying rent.”

Continued Warren, “We offer three levels of community space, so we plan to have apartments start on the fourth floor. That means tenants won’t be subjected to socializing with Columbia-clad, Work-Study eligible undergraduates, but they can still observe their comings and goings from above.”

Peter Fuchs, who has signed a lease to live at Granite Lofts next year, expressed excitement about living in the apartment complex. “It’s just so nice,” he said. “Vaulted ceilings, stainless steel appliances, and a home theater? Asking my parents to shell out $1,200/month for Granite Lofts was a no-brainer for me.”

Added Fuchs, “Plus, you couldn’t even ask for a better view.”

At press time, Fuchs was closing his windows in his current apartment in an attempt to “drown out the din of the in-staters.”

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