New Podcast To Be Compelling, Honest, Forgettable

Wheeler said the first episode will hopefully stick with listeners for at least two hours.

Earlier this week, science journalist and former blogger Geneva Wheeler announced the launch of her new Public Radio Exchange podcast, Ephemera, a semi-weekly audio program that promises elements of untested psychological theory, literary allusions, and ultimately unremarkable content.

“We really wanted to provide our listeners with dynamic storytelling combined with investigative reporting,” explained Wheeler, who neglected to mention the podcast’s undeniably boring trajectory as one of its defining aspects.

According to the podcast’s co-host Jacob Pratch, he and Wheeler are most looking forward to collaborating with the feedback they receive from their PRX family, critics, and listeners, who will steadily dwindle with each episode.

“It’s just amazing that this is happening at all; getting this podcast off the ground has been a year-long process,” explained Pratch.

“But we’re trying not to get ahead of ourselves—it’s only week one and we still want to play around with different narrative elements like storytelling, mystery-solving, and myth-debunking as much as we can,” explained the man who will also employ an undercurrent of desperation to convince listeners of the show’s worth.

Looking toward the future, Wheeler explained that she hopes to schedule a guest willing to “rest the burden of his or her strong public persona” for 45 minutes of candid, loosely edited speech.

Though no strong leads have turned up, Wheeler said she is still holding out hope that Jad Abumrad will agree to collaborate on an episode.

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