Rehearsed Joke Goes Exactly as Planned

Sources say that Sonder’s callback to the joke later in the conversation “killed” as well.

Describing the number of laughs to be “about what [he] predicted,” area man Matt Sonder reported that the joke he delivered this morning went exactly as he had hoped.

“My friends and I normally eat breakfast together on Sundays after we go to parties on Saturday. And my friend Danny had gotten just completely hammered the night before and we all had to pretty much carry him home,” said Sonder of his creative process. “And that was when I decided the next morning at breakfast I would say, ‘glad to see you’re still alive’ to him when he showed up. It was genius.”

Onlooker found Sonder’s joke to be humorous, saying things like “so true” and “haha.”

“So we’re sitting there at the table,” said Sonder’s friend Jake McAdams. “And then Danny comes stumbling in all hungover, and then Matt says,’ glad to see you’re still alive!’ Can you imagine Danny drinking so much he died? And Matt was so casual about it!”

According to Sonder, a joke as well received as his requires careful preparation. “I was laying in bed thinking of exactly how it would go down,” Sonder told reporters. “I mean I knew I could count on Danny showing up late, but I needed to make sure other people saw Danny showing up and that I said my line loudly enough that they’d all hear it. I even said it a couple times out loud just to see how the words would come out.”

At press time, Sonder had fallen out of the conversation after having nothing more to say.

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