Report: That Rapper From High School Doing Pretty Well

G-Money said his next gig will be an intimate one at his and Rooster’s apartment.

According to recent reports, former Kennedy High graduate Grant “G-Money” Williamson is beginning to see small successes in the underground rap scene.

“Yeah, I knew from early on that I was going to be big in the rap game, so I figured why go on and do different shit when I could keep doing this shit,” explained G-Money. “I mean, I’ve been putting out hot tracks since like ’08, so I decided to make this a full-time thing.”

G-Money’s first full mixtape, G-Money Gettin’ Money, dropped on SoundCloud this January. Early reviews are in, and listeners rated the album an average of two out of four stars. G-Money said he hopes his momentum can continue to build, and ultimately land him in a record deal so he can continue releasing new music, such as the single he has been working on, “Future Girl in My Future Lambo.”

“You know, my boy G-Money has really been hitting it hard,” high-school classmate and friend John Baker said. “Some local critics have said he’s ‘aight,’ so I think he’s really rolling right now.”

Added former classmate Tom Brookfield, “I’ve been following his career very casually on Facebook since we graduated, and I’ve got to say I’m impressed. The guy seems to not be doing completely terrible, and all things considered, that’s some sort of accomplishment.”

Other Kennedy High graduates also reported being impressed by G-Money’s up-and-coming career. Becky Newsom commented, “Good for him, I guess.”

Added Alex Thurston, “At least he’s not dead. I kind of thought he’d be dead by now.”

Encouraged by his work so far, G-Money said he hopes to continue to build his “budding music empire” and have a lot of “dank-ass parties” at his new apartment.

“I mean, I just moved out of my mom’s crib and into this sick spot with my dude Rooster, so things are generally pretty trill,” said G-Money. “Now I can just start to focus more on the things that are really important to me: music and women.”

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