Sports Player Does Bad Before Doing Good in Latest Sports Movie

While specifics have not been released, the film will likely feature a cameo appearance from Eugene Levy.

In the latest sports movie to hit the big screen, a famous actor stars as a sports player who does poorly before transforming into a talented athlete.

The film follows the protagonist through his childhood of never being picked to play sports, into his career as a professional sports player, who ultimately achieves the highest honor within the sport he plays.

“The protagonist faced a surprising number of setbacks; from athletes telling him to give up, doctors telling him to he’ll never recover, and just many other people dropping some real hints for him to give up,” said the film’s director. “Our protagonist pretty much sees it all, but in the end, he makes all those people eat their words when he plays sports better than a reasonable person would expect.”

The film, which contains many scenes meant to demonstrate the adversity that the athlete faced throughout his life, also promises to have at least one montage scene of the main character training, a supportive romantic interest for the athlete, and a coach character who thinks the film’s hero “doesn’t have it in him” at first.

“When preparing for the role of the protagonist, I had to practice the sport he plays to really understand his hardship,” said the actor who played the protagonist. “I think all that work really comes out in the locker room scene where the guy I play and all his teammates begin chanting right before the big game.”

“Viewers will love this movie,” the actor continued. “They’ll be on the edge of their seats from the small town beginnings to the slow motion final climatic scene.”

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