8 Ways to Piss Off a CS Major

Here are 8 guaranteed ways to end up on a CS major’s shit list.

1. Pour water all over their laptop
There’s nothing a computer science major hates more than not being able to use their computer. Pouring a big glass of H2O all over it will surely make their blood boil.

2. Pour milk all over their laptop
Bonus points if they’re lactose-intolerant!

3. Pour lemonade all over their laptop
Who doesn’t love a nice cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day? A laptop, that’s who!

4. Pour Pepsi all over their laptop
This one will sting even more if the CS major in question is brand-loyal to Coke. Gotcha!

5. Pour maple syrup all over their laptop
You don’t even need to go with the legit Canadian stuff. Your CS friend will be just as pissed off even if you just dump a regular bottle of Aunt Jemima’s on their keyboard.

6. Pour lighter fluid all over their laptop
Good luck finishing your 281 project when your laptop is one little spark away from exploding.

7. Pour sulfuric acid all over their laptop
It’ll be tough to sneak a whole bottle out of a chem lab, but nothing will anger your CS friend like coming home to find his laptop dissolved.

8. Pour chicken broth all over their laptop
Remember to shout “Fuck you, you CS piece of shit” when you do it.

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