Girls Love It When I Do The Alphabet

Being in preschool, I’ve learned a lot of stuff. I’ve learned to pour juice, count to 100, and clap along to a song. But, of all the things I’ve learned, nothing gets the girls going quite like the alphabet.

At first I would just do the alphabet to show off. Not a lot of other kids have learned it yet, so I knew it’d make me look real smart. But then the girls in my class started to notice just how good at it I was, and they asked me to do the alphabet again and again. Just yesterday, I was working on my coloring, but Lilly had the blue crayon I needed. She said the only way she’d give it to me is if I did the alphabet. I was happy to do it, but I made sure to start slow. I even stuttered a few times to make it look like I wasn’t going to do it. They like it even better if you tease them a little bit first.

A lot of the other boys in my class have noticed how popular the alphabet has made me. Luckily none of those copycats can do it as fast or for as long as I can. Charlie gets stuck at L, but everyone knows the “O” is the girls’ favorite part. That’s why most of them still come to me when they want the alphabet—even my teacher, Ms. Carol. One time Ms. Carol called on me and I was feeling pretty confident, so I did the alphabet for her backwards. Boy, did she love it!

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