Anonymous Note on Bathroom Mirror Convinces Ugly Girl to Keep Lying to Self

Over 100 other delusional girls also found comfort in the note later that day.

Having visited a Mason Hall bathroom during passing time and spotting an unsigned Post-it affixed to the bathroom mirror which read “Smile, you’re beautiful,” junior Kelly Waters mustered enough false confidence to again convince herself that her looks might be passable, after all.

Although just that morning she had bemoaned her dull skin and uneven freckling, the note encouraged Waters to think positively. “I may not be a traditional beauty, but there is something uniquely intriguing about the shape of my nose,” said Lynch later while dressing for the evening.

“My mom tells me I’m pretty whenever she’s around, but it’s hard to believe without an objective assessment,” said Lynch, who has become more outgoing since reading the note, even smiling at a few passersby.

Other girls who spotted the Post-it were affected similarly, such as Becky Blake, who saw it after sneaking into a stall to cry about a recent rejection from the graduate school of her choice. “After seeing that note, I’m reminded to keep this disappointment in perspective—at least I still have my looks,” said Blake.

Students for Mental Health, the organization responsible for the positive messages around campus, was glad that the acts achieved their intended effect. Said club member Sara Jergens, “We just want to make a stranger smile. All people deserve to be told they’re beautiful—even the ugly ones.”

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