Area Man ‘Really Confident’ in His Predictions, Picked Every Favored Team in Bracket

Area man Brad Janson recently expressed that he was “really feeling it this year” as he made his picks for March Madness, after completing a bracket in which he picked the higher seeded team to win every game.

“I’ve been following the whole NCAA season, so I think I have a good handle on which teams are hot and which ones will disappoint come tournament time. Texas A&M vs. Green Bay? A&M didn’t start off the season too strong, but now you can see how much they’ve improved, since they have the better seed. Easy A&M pick,” commented Janson, explaining the careful decision-making process that went into creating his bracket.

“Some of my friends have cute strategies like picking the team with better uniforms or the cooler mascot, but I’m in it to win it,” he said.

Janson claimed to have spent a lot of time “crunching the numbers” before filling out his final bracket, but was careful to explain that he values some statistics over others. “I only focused on the important stuff. So many people get distracted by the little things like strength of schedule, field goal percentage, or the coach’s record in tournament play. By just focusing on the seeds, I managed to boil down all those variables to the only number that matters, you know?”

“Sure, I’m confident, but I’ve done the research to back it up. I hope everyone else in our pool does well, but they’re just not going to stand out like I am. It’s critical to not only make the right picks, but to make the picks nobody else has thought of, too,” stated Jennings as he finally submitting his bracket after “hours and hours” of work.

He continued, “I think this strategy will set me apart from the other people in my pool.”

At press time, ESPN analysts confirmed that Janson’s bracket had the same picks as 35% of users around the nation.

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