Area Mom’s Idea of Danger Includes Chocolate-Covered Cranberries

While finishing up her weekly grocery trip at her local Costco, area mom Annalisa Garcia was stopped by a Costco attendee, who insisted she try a sample of Kirkland brand dark chocolate-covered cranberries, which Garcia immediately classified as “dangerous.”

“Ooh dark chocolate,” said Garcia as she approached the sample kiosk, “this won’t end well for me.”

Garcia reportedly hesitantly scanned the tray of sample cups before admitting that “just a piece couldn’t hurt” and popping one of the chocolate treats into her mouth.

“I could never have these in the house—way too tempting,” said Garcia between titillating bites of the chocolate-coated superfruits. “And the bag is 64 oz? Oh I could never do that to my waistline.”

After checking out, Garcia insisted that the strength she had shown by resisting the chocolate-covered fruit had warranted “grabbing a churro on the way out.”

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