Creative Writing Student Doesn’t Give A Shit About Workshop, Just Wants To Write About Robot Fights

'Let me explain a second time,' said Frentas before defending the logistics of his robot love scene.

Reports from English 223: Introduction to Creative Writing confirm that classmate Stephen Frentas gives exactly “zero fucks” about his classmates’ opinions on his work, and has no intention of changing anything about his writing as he completes his novella on robot fights.

Witnesses reported that while Frentas’ first story “Mechawar Retaliation” was being peer-critiqued, Frentas looked bored and dazed, doodling in his notebook and generally ignoring advice from his peers.

“I just want to write some shit with lasers in it,” said Frentas.

Classmate Erin Baum, who reviewed the story, said she admires Frentas’ creativity, but “would have liked to see a little more character development in the Robot King Mangu,” and added that “some of the dialogue was a little choppy.”

“I understand where Erin’s critique is coming from,” said Frentas, “but at the same time, I really want King Mangu to just blow some stuff up.”

Frentas said he received a lot of criticism regarding his “characters or whatever,” but ultimately ignored them because he “just wanted to write about robots kicking each others asses.”

At press time, Frentas was tuning out all suggestions for his next story, tentatively titled “Wrath of The Cybernauts.”

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