Someone’s Been Shaving the Diag Squirrels and Taping Their Hair onto Different Squirrels and It’s ADORABLE!

We all have a soft spot in our hearts for the squirrels on campus. We let them nibble on our last pieces of popcorn. Some people even profess their love of squirrels by joining the Michigan Squirrel Club. But one person on campus has taken her affection for the furry critters even further. An anonymous student has been shaving squirrels they find on the Diag and taping that hair onto other squirrels.

And it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.

The act that was at first condemned as animal cruelty has turned into a beautiful act of kindness and environmental conservation. One squirrel’s T-shirt becomes another squirrel’s button-down. Talk about upcycling!


People can’t seem to get enough of these once naked, now clothed, little rodents.

But the real question everyone seems to have is who’s doing this anonymous little project? People have overturned literally dozens of squirrels looking for some sort of poetic calling card, but the artist remains a mystery.

All we can do is keep admiring the newly clothed squirrels and hope that anonymous shaver continues to make campus a little bit cuter everyday.

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