Girl Cringing At Middle School Photos Of Herself Looks Exactly The Same

Barnes also recently browsed her old Twitter feed, remarking, 'Thank God I’m not still so annoying.'

While scrolling through old middle school pictures of herself on Facebook, LSA sophomore Nicole Barnes told reporters that she “was so ugly back then,” despite the fact that, according to friends, she looked “literally exactly the same as she does now.”

“She hasn’t grown an inch, she wears the same clothes, and apparently she still hasn’t learned any new makeup tricks,” said Amanda Daniels, Barnes’ roommate. “The only difference is I think she actually gained a few pounds.”

Daniels went on to explain that Barnes occasionally pulls up old pictures of herself from middle school and mentions how “cringe-worthy” they are. “The rest of us just kind of nervously laugh and don’t say anything,” Daniels claimed. “It’s a little sad. I felt like she would have taken a hint by now.”

“Just the other day a TimeHop notification came up on her phone and she showed it to me.” Daniels continued. “She kept saying, ‘What was I thinking with that hairdo?’ but it really isn’t any different than it is now.”

Barnes, however, did not appear to recognize the views held by her friends. “I mean we all went through those awkward middle school years, didn’t we?” claimed Barnes. “I’m just glad they’re finally over.”

At press time, Barnes was posting a “Transformation Tuesday” picture of herself from a 6th grade dance with the caption “thank god for puberty, am I right?”

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