House Party Downgraded To Pregame After Fewer Facebook RSVPs Than Expected

The house did have almost perfect attendance for the roommate pre-pregame, however.

LSA junior Matt Copeland was forced to change the Facebook description for his house’s event from “party” to “pregame” last Wednesday after fewer than 30 people RSVP’d from a pool of 233 invitees.

“We anticipated a massive crowd,” said Copeland. “The original Facebook description called for an ‘out-of-thisworld kegger,’ but ultimately we decided to change it to ‘a casual kickback with your favorite bros.’”

“It’s a busy weekend,” said Copeland’s roommate David Carlisle. “A lot of people went home for Easter I think—or is that next weekend? Anyway, I think people are buckling down to get ready for those three-quarters way through the semester exams. I don’t know, there are a lot of reasons not many people can make it this weekend.”

Copeland and Carlisle reportedly downed several shots before the first guest, a group of freshmen from a student organization in which Copeland is moderately involved, arrived.

“By the time it really started heating up, we were pretty much out of alcohol,” said Copeland. “We encouraged people bring their own refreshments in the Facebook event, but I guess a lot of people forgot to read through that part of the description. Once there were enough people there to fill up our whole couch and all of our chairs, including the one I brought out from my room, David sent me out to get some more beer. I picked up a couple of six-packs because who knew how many more folks would show up?”

Upon Copeland’s return, the pregame was reportedly deserted except for those same freshman who arrived early and had settled in for the night to watch soccer on the house’s 36-inch television.

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