I Don’t Need Alcohol to Feel Lonely

I love blowing off some steam on a Friday night as much as the next guy. If my friends all want to head out to some big party, I’ll definitely come along. I don’t drink, though. The thing is, I just don’t need alcohol to be lonely.

All I want after a long week is to go out and be with the guys—what difference does it make if I’m drunk or not? As long as I’m with people who I can have fun with, I don’t need to be drunk to leave early, go home alone, and hate myself. I can still feel just as incomplete when I’m sober.

I definitely hear what everyone is saying: sure, drinking is fun! But I’m not really someone who needs alcohol to unwind. I can feel completely empty inside without the help of any mind altering substances.

Besides, I really want to hold onto these memories that I’m making in college. People always say that these are the “best four years they’ll never remember.” I, for one, want to remember my youth and these nights of feeling so helplessly alone. I guess that just makes me a little different.

I can still dance, socialize, play a few rounds of beer pong—you name it, I do it sober! Of course, sobbing uncontrollably into my pillow is way easier with alcohol, but I’m more than able to do that without the help of booze. In fact, I did that a few nights ago.

So if my sobriety makes you uncomfortable in the party scene, that’s ok with me. Go out and have fun. I’ll be fine by myself.

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