Lame Duck CSG President Struggles to Push Through Fishbowl Tech Consultant Nomination

“Politics aside, Dischman is clearly the man for the job,” said Charlton.

In a move that many representatives have vowed to fight, outgoing CSG President Cooper Charlton recently nominated Craig Dischman to fill the Angell Hall campus computing site’s recent IT vacancy.

Despite precedent set by previous lame duck presidents who successfully worked with the Student Assembly in their final days in office to confirm appointees to the esteemed position, sophomore and Taubman School of Architecture and Urban Planning Representative Alex Beacon promises to not even consider holding hearings.

Beacon told reporters, “Yet again, we are seeing the President overstepping the boundaries of his powers as outlined by the CSG Operating Procedure. For a year now, President Charlton has been circumventing the Student Assembly’s actions, and by extension, the voice of the students at this great university.”

“From opening the dining halls early on game days to continuing airBus funding, the President has continuously refused to work with representatives who speak for their constituents. With such a critical position now open, we cannot risk him again simply ignoring the intent of the Founding Fathers of CSG,” he continued.

Others feel that the Assembly’s position is yet another instance of partisan politics impeding University progress. Ford junior Sarah Gibbons said, “Historically, the CSG President’s Fishbowl Tech Consultant nominations have always gone through, even if his tenure was ending. I think we’re all sick of these petty arguments distracting from the real issues CSG must address.”

Dischman himself agreed, explaining, “Frankly, it’s time for the Assembly to recognize Mr. Charlton’s authority and respect his decisions. Vote on my nomination and let me do what I do best: Telling people they can use the stapler.”

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