Library Employee Caught Off Guard By Patron Trying To Check Out Book

Hammond admits that the event still offered a great opportunity to figure out how Mirlyn works.

Seeming confused as she looked up from her computer screen, Hatcher Library information desk assistant Teresa Hammond’s work was interrupted by a student’s request to check out a copy of Pride and Prejudice this past Thursday.

“When a student asked me to check out a book, I was a little taken aback,” said Hammond. “As a library, physical text circulation isn’t always in our wheelhouse.”

According to Hammond, the student approached the desk with the book and handed over his Mcard. “I don’t know what was more stressful: trying to work the scanner or figuring out where he even found the book. I don’t know if you have ever been in the stacks, but there are literally thousands of books there. It’s honestly amazing he managed to find the one book he wanted to read.”

“It’s also a bit rude, honestly. I know for a fact that you can access that book on Google Books. It’s not like we are here just to help people who are too lazy to go on the Internet,” added Hammond.

Hatcher staff members said they are currently discussing ways to educate the public on the work that they do. “If you need someone to point you to the bathroom, we can do that. If the stapler is out of staples, we’ve got you covered. But when it comes to books, either download it on your Kindle or self-righteously support your local bookstore,” reported Manager Eileen Edwards.

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