Man’s Plans For GoPro Not Panning Out

Elwick recently announced plans to capture his drive to his parents’ house in Saginaw with the video device.

John Elwick, 31-year old accountant and recent GoPro HERO4 Silver purchaser, has expressed disappointment that he has nothing exciting to film. Elwick has clarified that while the camera is of great 60 frames-per-second quality, his “mundane” life is void of any major events or extreme sports worthy of capturing on video.

“It took me until I got home and unboxed it to realize that I’m not a professional snowboarder, and I’m not about to go bungee jumping,” Elwick said of the $500 camera. “So far, the only interesting thing I have filmed has been a video of me walking around town wearing the chest mount.”

Elwick reports also having filmed several videos of his pets on the crystal-clear 1080p camera, but not any worth using the slow motion features for.

“I think the best course of action for this camera seems to be to take some shots of sunsets on the beach this summer and maybe get some underwater footage at the local pool. I could even buy a mount for my car,” explained Elwick. “I really only drive to and from work but that route does have some scenic parts. I could play that footage over a song like ‘Roses’ by Chainsmokers and it would probably be a decent little film.”

While there are already hours of GoPro videos on YouTube shot in stunning HD by professional surfers, skydivers, and other extreme sport enthusiasts, Elwick hopes that his future videos will be “worthwhile,” despite his fear of heights and moving at high speeds.

“I signed up for a charity 5K even though I’m not really a runner. I bet it would look pretty cool if I ran the race with it on me and I made some kind of time lapse,” Elwick told reporters. “I don’t see X Games athletes doing that.

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