Report: ‘Bro’ Something Roommate Says Now

Toal has also reportedly begun to give chest bumps to Lonati on several occasions.

Markley resident Kevin Lonati confirmed Tuesday that that “bro” is a term his roommate, Evan Toal, has added to his vocabulary and now uses regularly.

“Evan didn’t always call people ‘bro,’” said Lonati. “But now he feels comfortable calling us that. I guess it’s okay, but it just kind of came out of nowhere. A little warning would have been nice.”

“The other day he was at the fridge and he asked me, ‘Want a beer, bro?’” Lonati continued. “It caught me off guard because he doesn’t really seem like the kind of guy who uses that word unironically. I just didn’t know how to respond.”

Toal, who has begun to call his friends “bro” both in casual conversation and in times of frustration, has also reportedly been experimenting with phrases like “dog,” “homie,” and “my boy.”

“I was supposed to do the dishes the other day and just completely forgot. Totally my bad,” housemate Stephen Maslowe told reporters. “But there he was, standing at the sink, and he looked over at me and shouted, ‘Dog? You got this or what?’”

Maslowe continued, “I mean, it’s fine to just tell me to do the dishes, but to be all ‘dude’ about it was a lot. I’m not totally on board with it, to be honest. I’m a little worried. Next thing you know, he’s telling me to check out a new song that’s ‘totally fuego,’ or if I ask him for a ride, he’ll say, ‘No doubt player, just gotta scoop the whip.’ It’s a slippery slope.”

At press time, Toal was overheard addressing his girlfriend as “babe.”

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