The Holocaust and the Rwandan Genocide Were Awful, but Taylor Swift Only Denies One of Them. Find Out Which!

Taylor Swift, country-turned-pop megastar, is well known for being heartbroken and making great music about it. However, Taylor has some interesting ideas that never quite made it into her songwriting. Did you know that she denies either the Rwandan Genocide or the Holocaust, but definitely not both?

At the Teen Choice awards, we asked Taylor her thoughts on the Rwandan Genocide and the Holocaust. Her answer is below:

“The ‘Rwandan genocide’ is an elaborate plot set up by the CIA to distract the world community from the real atrocities happening to the American people at the time. The CIA concocted this obviously fake story involving so-called Hutus and Tutsis, and fabricated photos so awful that they had to have been faked. Under the directive from President Clinton himself, the CIA had to do this because otherwise too much attention would have been paid to the systematic dismantling of legal protections that law-abiding citizens in the U.S. have had for years by the Justice Department. Clinton aided and abetted the Justice Department in undermining citizen’s Fourth Amendment right. The American people took the bait, followed the news organizations complicit in the scam, and America has never been the same. I’m sure those ‘genocide victims’ are doing fine, or probably never existed in the first place.”

“The Holocaust totally happened though.”

There you have it! Taylor Swift definitely denies the Rwandan Genocide, but can accept the factual reality of the Holocaust.

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