The 5 Types of Boyfriends

Alright ladies, we all know that our boyfriends are special in their own ways. But there are just some categories that all our guys seem to fall right into, no matter how cute they are when they braid our hair at night! We’ve identified 5 different types of beaus that every lady should be able to recognize. What type is your boyfriend?

1. The Gnawer
We’ve all had the boyfriend who gnaws on your limbs while you’re asleep. It’s like, just go to bed and get my calf out of your mouth, silly!

2. The Dunkaroos Enthusiast
If you haven’t had a boyfriend who’s dangerously obsessed with vanilla frosting Dunkaroos, you don’t know how boring it is to listen to him talk about battling other customers for discontinued boxes of them on eBay. For this type of guy, it’s all Dunkaroos, all the time.

3. Your Cousin Mike
As if family reunions weren’t awkward enough, this classic type of boyfriend will make yours unbearable! But don’t worry—he understands your roots, because they’re the same as his. And besides, who hasn’t dated their cousin Mike at one point or the other?

4. Feather Touchers
We all have had a sweetheart who demands that you only touch them with very, very long feathers. This type of boyfriend is a dime a dozen. Feathers aren’t cheap, though, so don’t get too attached to a feather toucher unless you truly know he’s the one.

5. Amish Santa
Definitely the neediest of the 5 types of boyfriends, these guys will demand that you stop using electricity and give in to the idea that they are the real Santa Claus. Men, right?! But once you give Amish Santa a chance, he’ll prove to actually be the most lovable type of guy out there.

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