World’s Biggest Cincinnati Bengals Fan? Meet the Man Who Has His Own A. J. Green Jersey!

Just when you think you’ve seen it all—this week, Toledo-based accountant Josh Coleman announced that he has his very own A. J. Green jersey. Yes, Coleman has a soft spot for the wide receiver out of Georgia. Such a soft spot, it seems, that he’s gone out of his way to own the very thing Green wears once a week.

We could be getting ahead of ourselves, but Coleman may just be the world’s biggest Cincinnati Bengals fan. In fact, sources say that over the past five years, Coleman has been to not one, not two, but three Bengals games.

If that wasn’t enough, Coleman almost went to a fourth one after winning tickets in a raffle at work, but he could not find a ride and was not exactly in the mood to take a city bus all the way to downtown Cincinnati. Now that’s dedication!

And Coleman doesn’t just love A. J. Green. The superfan can name at least four (4!) other current Bengals players, plus one who was released in 2015 but Coleman thought was still with the team.

“A. J. Green, Russell Bodine, Andy Dalton, and Greg Little,” said Coleman.


The Bengals should be grateful that they have fans like Coleman—not every team can be so lucky!

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