Area Blogger Just Excited to Have Job Title

Gibson (pictured) acclimating to his new career.

Local lifestyle blogger Jack Gibson celebrated a “tremendous career achievement” earlier today when an acquaintance referred to him as a “blogger.”

“I normally spend most of my waking hours researching things and writing about them online,” said Gibson of his daily routine. “I normally consider myself unemployed, but now it’s nice to know my passion can be considered a line of work.”

Gibson, who started the “emerging” WordPress blog Jack Be Nimble in 2012, is excited for this new chapter in his career, but “won’t let [his] first taste of societal acknowledgment go to [his] head.”

“I’ve worked tirelessly to grow my online presence through nothing but day-in, day-out effort,” Gibson said of his biweekly blog entries. “I’m just excited to grow the brand and see where this thing goes from here. This is just the first step.”

Gibson, who has made exactly $21.46 in ad revenue since starting his blog, has already changed lines on his resume to include the new job title and has placed an order for business cards featuring the blog’s logo.

“I have so much more content in the pipeline for my viewers,” Gibson told reporters. “You know what they say, do what you love and you never work a day in your life.”

At press time, Gibson was leaving the blog’s headquarters at Starbucks.

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