Area Man Torn Between Gut Instinct And Correct Choice

“This may just be a mistake I have to make for myself,” said Manley.

According to sources, 32 year-old claims adjuster Jordan Manley is currently on the fence about “going with his gut” and following his girlfriend of two months to Denver, or making the correct decision and staying put.

Steven Brehm, an acquaintance of Manley, confirmed that his friend has a history of relying on what Manley calls a “vestigial urge” and that he often defends his poor decision making on “what his gut is telling him to do.”

“I’ve told [Manley] like five times that he just got a really great new job and it makes no sense to leave town now. Besides, he barely even knows this girl,” said Brehm. “But he just keeps saying that ‘something in his core’ keeps telling him to go for it even though I, his parents, and common sense keep telling him not to.”

When asked for comment, Manley stated that he “knows what’s best for him better than anyone else,” and that leaving his friends, family and job behind for a 20-something nurse practitioner and no job security is not as “idiotic” as people think.

“I don’t like to dwell on anything too much,” said Manley. “I’m an ESFP, so I go with the flow and seize the day. We’d all be happier and better off if we followed our instincts more instead of what society tells us to do.”

At press time, Manley was explaining to an employee at his local animal shelter that there was “plenty of space” in his one-bedroom apartment to accommodate both a border collie and a shepherd-husky mix.

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