Career Panel To Feature Several Alumni Speakers, One Aggressive Student

The aggressive student is expected to also be seen stalking attendants’ LinkedIn profiles on his phone.

According to the University’s Career Center, the Marketing and Publicity Career Panel set to take place later this month will feature distinguished alumni working in different parts of the field, as well as one student wearing a suit who will raise his hand often and spend at least 25 minutes networking with each member of the panel.

“We’re setting up this event to be as useful as possible for students hoping to get jobs and internships in marketing and publicity,” explained Career Center representative Darrell Fields. “We want students to be able to learn from professionals in the field by hearing their stories, asking questions, and watching them shift uncomfortably while one very aggressive student delivers a too-firm handshake.”

The event is set to take place in the Union’s Pond Room. According to Fields, the afternoon will begin with a panel discussion on application tips, include a light lunch, and conclude with Q&A and general networking. Before lunch, one student is expected to raise his hand and recite the first paragraph of his cover letter, requesting feedback.

Fields explained that though the Career Center has put “hours upon hours” of planning into the event, they are still nervous that the panel will not go as planned. “There are some things you can’t foresee,” he said. “Will students have questions ready for the Q&A? Will the panelists keep their presentations within the time limit?” No matter what happens, though, Field is confident that the event will include a student wearing inescapable amounts of cologne.

At press time, the student was filling his briefcase with 100 copies of his recently revised resume.

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