Former Bully Now Straddling Teammate On A Motorized Scooter

Sherman also sometimes holds Rodriguez’s “broad shoulders” during their rides.

Michigan football player and LSA sophomore Kyle Sherman, who previously used his size and popularity to taunt his middle school classmates for being gay, has reportedly been riding around Ann Arbor on a motorized scooter, straddling teammate Jack Rodriguez.

Sherman, who was known to “mercilessly” tease boys in his eighth-grade gym class for their unathletic and therefore “homo” tendencies, was seen riding from the Intramural Sports Building to Jimmy John’s with his penis in notably close proximity to his teammate’s anus.

“Look, we have to go to and from practice, and walking takes so long,” explained Rodriguez. “It’s just easier to drive around on these little scooters.”

At press time, Sherman, who spent much of his eighth-grade year throwing basketballs at the heads of the “pretty-pretty theater boys,” was wrapping his arms around Rodriguez’s waist as the pair hit a pothole on Hill Street.

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