Hallmate Leaves Note Asking Couple To Be Louder Next Time

In an anonymous follow-up note, the writer of the sign asked to hear more dirty talk.

Following an hour of post-coital cuddling, RC sophomores Nicholas Bevins and Emma Ellis were “shocked” and “embarrassed” to find an anonymous note on Bevins’ door asking the couple to keep the volume higher the next time they have sex.

Discovered when Bevins was returning from the bathroom last Wednesday night, the note read, “What you do in your room is your business, but we’d appreciate it if you were louder in the future.”

Bevins claims he has no idea who left the note. “It’s really unnerving. It could have been any of my hallmates. It’s super embarrassing—I thought we were being loud enough.”

Ellis agreed, adding, “I’m just so ashamed, and a little creeped out. Who would actually have the nerve to leave a note like that? And also, did they have earplugs in or something?”

The pair spent the remainder of their night discussing possible suspects for leaving the note. “Nate lives next door. On one hand, he’s most likely to be within hearing range,” Bevins said. “But Cecil is a weirdo. I know he lives a few rooms down, but I wouldn’t rule him out.”

The couple reportedly turned off Bevins’ television and table fan before “going into round two.”

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