Kasich Admits He Only Staying in Race for Free Trip to San Diego Zoo

Kasich said he hopes donors will be generous enough to fund the purchase of a stuffed flamingo from the gift shop.

Reports indicate that despite his low delegate count, Ohio Gov. John Kasich is staying in the U.S. presidential race solely for the opportunity to make a campaign stop at the San Diego Zoo.

“I’ve always wanted to see a panda in person,” said Kasich. “Winning the presidency would be nice, but even if Trump locks up the nomination, I’m riding RNC money all the way to at least the sea lion water show.”

California’s primary is on the last day of primaries, June 7, and although Kasich will likely be very far behind in delegate counts by then, Kasich says he “stands by his supporters” and “only has a limited time to see the baby flamingos while they’re small.”

“Really, all I had to focus on was winning Ohio. Once I won a single state, I knew that I could easily hitch a ride to California. All I had to do was be somewhat palatable to Republicans in my home state,” continued Kasich. “Better than what Rubio accomplished—he’s not out here feeding any giraffes.”

“It’s like they strategically scheduled California as a final reward on the campaign,” said Kasich campaign manager Matt Carle. “If you can make it through the cold Iowa and New Hampshire winters, you get to go to sunny California and New Mexico in May. The RNC has been good to us, and who knows? Maybe we can get a photo op of John riding an elephant.”

At press time, Kasich was checking if he had any “professional-looking shorts” for his stop at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

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