Why Is It That Ross Kids Always Mention They’re in Ross Whenever I Ask Them If They’re in Ross

Ross kids are such douchebags. Whenever I meet someone who is in Ross, they always bring up the fact that they’re in Ross immediately after I ask them if they’re in Ross.

Just the other day at the library, my friend introduced me to his friend who said he was cramming for his finance exam. And, what do you know, right after I asked him if he was in Ross, the little prick starting talking about how he was in Ross.

What is it about Ross students that make them mention they’re in Ross whenever someone asks them what school they’re in at U of M? Every time. Without fail. They just love to brag. They are so pretentious that they bring up that they’re in Ross in any conversation about what they study, and especially the conversations about whether they’re in Ross.

You never hear Ford students talk about how they’re in Ross whenever you ask them whether they’re in Ross. Only Ross kids. I can’t even make it through a conversation with a Rosshole about what classes they’re taking this semester without it all circling back to the fact that they take classes in Ross.

Unfortunately, no one is immune to it. One of my good friends Marissa is a Ross pre-admit and wouldn’t stop talking about it after I asked her whether she heard back from Ross yet. Ross just changes people. It’s sad.

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