Snapchat Streak Only Thing Holding Friendship Together

“It’s just so hard to start a streak over with someone else,” said Young.

Explaining that their relationship was “barely worth salvaging,” LSA freshman Ellie Young told reporters that the only thing preserving her once close friendship with Jenny Murphy was the 176 day streak the two share on Snapchat.

“We used to be inseparable in high school,” Young told reporters. “When we got to college we hung out a lot over welcome week, but now [Murphy] is so caught up in her clubs and sorority. I guess she just doesn’t have time for me apart from the daily Snapchats we send each other.”

Young admitted that while she does not ever spend time with Murphy there was “just something emotionally satisfying about having a fire emoji and a three digit number” next to Murphy’s name on Snapchat that she doesn’t feel prepared to give up.

Murphy commented on the situation as well, explaining that the most the two say to each other is “almost to 200 am I right?” in the event that they pass each other on campus. Murphy reported that this interaction has been going on for the past five months with, “basically every multiple of ten their streak reaches.”

“The Snaps aren’t anything too exciting,” Young admitted. “Sometimes it’s our faces, occasionally it’s a squirrel, but usually it’s just a picture of the wall or something with the caption ‘streak.’”

Young concluded that once the streak is over it will be, “the last time either of [them] see or hear from each other ever again.”

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