I Switched to a Standing Desk and Now I Can See a Few More Things Outside My Window

By now you’ve probably heard the hype surrounding standing desks. Personally, I was skeptical for a while, and I was pretty reluctant to drop a couple hundred dollars on the latest office had. But consider me converted! I made the switch to a standing desk, and now I can see several more things outside my office window.

Now that I use a standing desk, my eye level is approximately two feet higher, allowing me to see some things that are closer to my office building, like a row of magnolia trees and a little hot dog stand. There’s even a pond! I’ve been watching the ducks, and I think there might be a mating pair.

At this point you might be thinking, okay, buying a standing desk worked for this guy, but what about for me? All I have to say is this: imagine things you might be able to see outside your office window. A piece of public art? A sidewalk where a local dog walker passes by every morning? These things and more are within your reach, all for the price of a standing desk.

Seriously, if you want to expose yourself to the wonder of seeing a couple more things outside of your window, do yourself a favor and buy a standing desk. Twenty years from now, people will be wondering what took us so long.

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