Area Woman Wonders If It At All Possible To Substitute Tomatoes For Olives

After arriving to The Istanbul Cafe, local woman Cheryl Hopson inquired as to whether there was any possible way tomatoes could be substituted for olives in the Middle Eastern wrap.

“I hate being that person. I mean really if it’s too much trouble I’ll just pick them off,” commented Hopson to the waiter, voicing concerns that it may be too tumultuous a task to substitute the foods. Hopson reportedly apologized to both the busboy and materdee for the severity of the request.

Sources confirmed that the industrial kitchen in the restaurant carries both olives and tomatoes. Despite both items being in one or more dishes on the menu, either together or separately, Hopson still asked if they had tomatoes.

Hopson was seen explaining to the waitress that even though she didn’t have an allergy, she didn’t like the texture. “I’m sorry if I’m being a hassle,” Hopson continued to explain to the wait staff. “I really just can’t stand the aftertaste.”

She later insinuated that she would be willing to pay extra to make the substitution if that’s what it took.

Sean Doyle, Hopson’s date for the evening, was last seen rolling his eyes after Hopson lodged her request with the waiter. “It’s so annoying when she does this,” commented Doyle. “Just order a meal without olives and don’t make a scene.”

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