He Takes A Little While To Open Up

Have you met Avery yet? I know he can seem a little cold at first. Some people might even say he’s a vindictive, cold-hearted, slimy unfaithful piece of shit. But honestly, the guy just takes a little while to open up. He’s shy!

And I know what you’re thinking– what does being shy have to do with never tipping at a restaurant or never cleaning up the little bit a pee on the toilet seat? Trust me, you just have to get to know him.

I should know better than anyone. Avery basically ran me over with his hoverboard the first time I met him. But then we spoke over coffee, and about 25 meetings after that I started to see past his glaring disrespect for strangers and penchant for parking in handicapped spaces. He’s actually a really great guy once you crack that tough exterior.

He may come off crass, but that’s just when you first meet him. He’s hilarious once you see that his habit of flicking still-lit cigarettes onto the pavement from the balcony in his apartment is just his super-dry sense of humor. Avery would never hurt a fly. He did hurt an uber driver, but the guy was asking for it!

Avery grew up in a tough situation. Two parents, but his older brother was kind of an asshole sometimes. Who can blame him for being a little unwelcoming at the onset? He’s deeply damaged, and beyond that, he only really opens up to people he feels that he can trust. It takes a while to earn that trust, and even longer to get him to stop calling you “Sweet Cheeks” in public. But it’s all worth it.

So give him a couple weeks, a month. Maybe a year. But I promise that with time, Avery will show you who he truly is. A deeply sensitive, sweet guy, with an honest past, considering that those accusations over what he did to that lady in Miami are still under police investigation.

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