Mid-Level Celebrity Really Going For It In College Paper Interview

Rames (left) explains the troubled relationship he had with his emotionally distant stepfather.

Opening up to The Michigan Daily, electronic dance DJ and middling celebrity Jason Rames reportedly “really went for it” while being interviewed ahead of his performance at Mich House Co-Op.

Rames, whose interviewer had only planned to discuss his upcoming studio EP, was especially candid on a variety of personal matters, making unsolicited remarks on his upbringing, his mental health issues, and his sexuality in what was reportedly a “very earnest and very desperate” interview.

“I’m excited for this platform to speak out about things that are important to me,” said Rames, whose collection of pop song remixes has amassed over a thousand followers on Soundcloud.

“Having the opportunity to really open up about who I am and have my voice heard by a larger audience has been incredible.”

Rames went on to discuss the ways his life has changed as a burgeoning celebrity, offering underwhelming insight into his daily life and demonstrating his inflated sense of self.

“Sometimes it can be difficult to do the little things, like go to the supermarket without being recognized by my little brother’s friends, but the fans make it all worth it,” said Rames.

“To be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure who he was before the interview,” said Daily reporter Marko Vorwald, “I just got assigned to him because someone had already signed up for the lacrosse game. And I didn’t even ask him about the alcohol abuse. He just went off on that himself.”

At press time, Rames was reportedly thanking his several dozen concert attendees for their support, and encouraging them all to “like and share” online.

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