Mom Seemingly Brought To Climax By Gentle Breeze

During an afternoon beach excursion on the coast of Cape May, hospital administrator and mother Janice Fowler was overcome by an “unutterably pleasureable” gust of wind that seemingly brought her to orgasm.

“Oh! What a gorgeous breeze,” Fowler reportedly exclaimed. “Oh that is just what I needed. It’s so hot right here in the sun.”

Fowler claimed that it was the combination of the “perfect” 72 degree weather, bright blue skies, and the periodic, gentle gusts of wind that ultimately put her over the edge and apparently sent her nether regions into a state of ecstasy.

“Wow, what perfect weather,” Fowler said as she tipped her head up, closed her eyes, and let out a deep sigh of pleasure.

“And I can smell those hydrangeas near the bath house. Oh, how lovely,” Fowler reportedly remarked, fanning herself and taking a big breath in through her nose.

Fowler’s husband Steven was reportedly glad to see his wife enjoying their summer vacation so thoroughly.

“Jan has been so stressed lately with work and getting our eldest ready to head to BU in the fall,” said Steven Fowler. “I’m just glad I was able to give her a week of sitting on the beach in linen tunics in pure bliss.”

Shortly after the incident, Fowler reportedly experienced a similar level of pleasure by rolling up her white cotton chinos and dipping her toes in the “perfectly cool” water.

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