Tourists In Shop ‘Just In To Have A Look Around,’ Openly Taunt Small Business

The tourists giggling carelessly over how “kitsch” Wyrd’s livelihood is.

Having hastily told the shopkeeper that they were “just having a look around,” tourists at beachside knick-knack vendor the Suntan Shoppe proceeded to peruse the store while openly taunting the small business.

The two young women, on vacation in the beachside town, spent the better part of an hour enjoying the quaintness of the Suntan Shoppe, despite having no intention of purchasing anything.

Owner Tom Wyrd, who left the register to offer to help the customers find what they might be searching for, was rejected by the two women, who giggled about his red velvet scented candles.

“I was just seeing if they were looking for anything in particular,” said Wyrd, who was distracted after a flickering light reminded him of his unpaid utilities bill.

When one of the girls, Tracy Evans, lifted up a $300 sculpture of a Buddha with a beach towel on and reportedly laughed, “health at every size!” Wyrd distracted himself from their mockery by slurping his lunch of watered down soup.

“Look,” said Evans, covering a box of essential oils with one thumb so the text that had read “Lite Lavender” would read “Lit.” Wyrd’s explanation of the benefits of the product were ignored by the girls, who moved to the next display while his phone received an email that his credit card payments were past due.

Wyrd’s left shoe reportedly split along the sole while he trailed the girls around the store and presented helpful comments about his wares. Witnesses claimed the two seemed unimpressed and whispered about brunch at a new restaurant in town.

“Thanks for coming in,” sighed a defeated Wyrd when the pair finally left without buying anything.

At press time, the two young tourists were taking wine samples down the street, while Wyrd was lamenting his decision to not go into the crystalware industry.

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