5 Cute Nail Looks To Try Instead Of Just Learning To Code Already

It seems like everywhere you turn lately, some famous female figure is encouraging girls like you to learn to code. But who needs that? Just embrace the feeling that you’ll never be good enough to succeed in STEM or use your fingers as anything but a runway for shiny lacquer. Try these adorable nail tricks to make your fingers bright & cheery, even if the fact that only 14% of engineers in the United States are female makes you feel anything but

  1. These flowery fingertips are the perfect look to try during your girl’s night in while you’re talking about things like magazines and your emotional state, which inherently governs the way you see the world and your means of existence, instead of doing hard cold science like the guys.
  2. Don’t be such a downer just because you realized you’ll have to balance your looks against your skills for the rest of your life. Who needs Matlab when you’ve got this demure matte technique to match your mood!
  3. Feel like you’ve been run out of the sciences by a male-dominated culture that discourages young women from developing technological skills at every turn? Why not just think about how pretty you’ll look while running these glittery gradient nails through your hair instead
  4. Impress your Tinder date with this fiery fist instead of staying home to get the basics of Python down. He’s sure to be impressed with your gorgeous nails as soon as he’s done explaining your own major to you!
  5. Forget your A from Math 115. You’ve seen the statistics, you know it’s true. Even if you finish your degree, you are less likely than your male counterparts to be placed in job at your skill level. Trying out this pale pink and obsidian polka-dotted nail look will totally take your mind off of all that

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