AMAZING: This Music Connoisseur Doesn’t Like Rap OR Country!

Most people, when asked about their favorite kind of music, will respond with a shrug or an answer based on the most recently played band on their iPhone. But most people aren’t Ross Brownstein, a 19-year-old music-listening-to savant who proudly knows exactly what he likes – and what he doesn’t. With no hesitation, Brownstein says what he means and means what he says: he doesn’t like rap or country music!

Anyone who talks to Brownstein about the wild world of music understands right away that this kid really knows what’s going on. He’s used his nineteen long years on this planet to move away from the paralyzing illusion of choice and hone right in on his dislikes.

When asked about his musical prowess, Brownstein, who shares his discerning tastes with the world via headphones turned up loud enough for everyone else in his Spanish 231 classroom to hear, only shrugs.

“It’s just like, country and rap? Can’t get into them. It’s like, the twang, and I’m not into trucks or…inner city stuff. Just not my thing.”


When he’s not looking down on the musical tastes of the historically disenfranchised rural poor and African-American populations, Brownstein loves to keep an open mind.

“I like everything else, though; house music and stuff, I guess? But you know, toned down stuff is pretty chill too. Like that one Chainsmokers song or maybe, like, reggae? When I’m, you know, in the mood for that. Know what I’m saying? Haha.”

We sure do! We sure do know what he’s saying. Here’s another thing we’re sure of: this kid is going places with his incredible taste in music. Look out for Ross Brownstein, music world!

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