Area Woman Tricks Self Into Believing She Tricked Colleague Into Believing She Never Received His Email

In an astounding act of mental fortitude and self-deception, local human resources manager Monica Shaver successfully convinced herself that her colleague Aaron Lopez had convinced himself that Shaver had in fact not received the email titled “some concerns” that he sent her last Tuesday.

The email, which reportedly sat in Shaver’s inbox unopened for nearly the full work week, was reportedly followed up with an “equally dreadful” email from Lopez asking if Shaver had received the first one.

“She wrote me back pretty quickly that she ‘actually never received’ my email,” said Lopez, who Shaver was convinced believed her lie. “It’s not really a big deal, but I think I’ll probably just forward it to her again or something.”

Sources report that after receiving the follow-up, Shaver promptly deleted the original email from her inbox so as to “cover her tracks.”

“I just don’t have time right now to deal with an email as vague and ominous as ‘some concerns’,” said Shaver. “He was probably wondering how the new recruitment initiative was going, and I’m sure he knows I haven’t even started working on it. I just can’t deal with his passive aggressive criticism right now.”

“But I’m sure it’s fine,” continued Shaver. “Our email has been so crazy lately, I’m positive he’s positive I never received that email.”

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