Culinary Tragedy! The Pneumatic Sandwich Delivery Tube At Jimmy Johns Is Broken, So Now The Employees Have To Make The Sandwiches Themselves!

Sad news, JJ fans. Jimmy Johns has always been known for their “freaky fast” sandwich delivery.  After all, how many times have you had to wait more than a few minutes for your sandwich? Sadly, that speed is no more – the Pneumatic Tube they use to deliver their sandwiches just broke!

That’s right. The long, snaking tube stretching from your local Jimmy Johns outlet straight to your front door is damaged, and closed for repairs. In the meantime, no more Sandwiches zipping across town in a matter of minutes – for now, employees will have to deliver the sandwiches by car.

Uh oh!

Say goodbye to freaky fast, and hello to just average. Without the pneumatic tube, you’ll actually have to wait for your sandwich. No more satisfying thwunt noise as a sandwich slides into the delivery chamber into the hands of the customer. Just the sad sounds of the delivery guy knocking on your door.

We sure hope they get this fixed soon! We can’t wait long for our next sandwich fresh from the Jimmy Johns warehouse.

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