Exasperated Mom ‘Not Running A Taxi Service’

Last Thursday afternoon, area mom Sandy Clives, who encourages her three children to participate in extracurricular activities and maintain active social lives, reportedly scolded her children for asking for “yet another” ride to their middle school practice field claiming that she “was not running a taxi service.”

“I have a life too, you know,” said Clives as she whipped through the pages of a coffee stained September 2014 edition of Coastal Living. “You kids need to be more polite when you ask me to do things for you. You know I don’t have to take you to soccer practice.”

“You can’t ask me to bring you places 10 minutes before you have to be there, too. Who do you think I am, your personal chauffeur?” The 52-year-old mother continued as she searched her purse for the keys. “Things would be different if you were paying me. Until then, you’re going to be a little late.”

Clives’ children, who were encouraged by their mother to compete in two separate travel soccer leagues, play multiple instruments, and regularly attend social events at friends’ houses, have to leave home a minimum of four times per day to attend their various practices and outings.

“I don’t know why Mom gets so mad when I ask her to drive me to practice,” said Clives’ youngest daughter Morgan. “I wanted to quit figure skating three months ago, but Mom is the one who told me I couldn’t.”

At press time, Clives was waiting in the parking lot for practice to end.

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