Garage Band Forced To Break Up After Cars Found In Garage

The band attempted to practice outside on the driveway, but neighbors complained about the noise level and general lack of quality.

Members of local garage band Snowshoeing Mooses were allegedly wracked by a “heart-wrenching tragedy” earlier this week when lead guitarist Gunnar Thompson discovered two midsize family sedans had usurped their practice space in the family garage.

“I was too shocked for words when I first saw it,” said a visibly shaken Thompson. “I mean, it’s been months since my parents have parked in the garage.”

Sources confirm that it had been nearly four months since the Thompson’s deemed the weather “cold and unpredictable” enough to warrant sheltering their two automobiles. Thompson’s parents had reportedly parked the cars outside during the summer in order to use the garage for storage space.

“It’s just a real bummer,” Thompson continued, “we had just started picking up momentum—we finally found an actual drummer. Then mom and dad started complaining that ‘the windshield has started freezing over at night,’ or some BS like that.”

The cars in question, a slightly worn 2008 Ford Fusion and a boxy black 1994 Saturn SL were transported up the driveway Thursday evening by Thompson’s father Jared Thompson.

“This is a huge setback for the band, you know?” said Jarred, “people were just starting to stop during their evening walks and look around in confusion when they heard the band rehearsing. I hope the kids can bounce back.”

Lead singer Harold Eriksen expressed hope for a revival of the band in the near future, as her parents have offered to move their cars for a couple of hours during the band’s next practice.

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