Local Fish Probably Just Sleeping

Recent graduate and pet owner Daniel Eaton has announced that his fish, which hasn’t moved in several days, is “probably just taking a little nap or something.”

The Siamese fighting betta fish, Bubbles, which Eaton has had for several years, reportedly “maybe twitched a fin” on Tuesday, but on the whole has displayed larger than normal amounts of lethargy. “Bubbles hasn’t moved a bit in days,” Eaton said nervously. “She must really be tired from exploring the new castle I put in her tank,” adding later “do fish hibernate?”

Eaton has cited other possible reasons for Bubbles’ constant sleeping, including the possibility that she has become nocturnal, prompting Eaton to monitor her during the night for signs of wakefulness. So far, he said, Bubbles has remained fast asleep.

Bubbles has also reportedly slept through Eaton tapping on the glass of her fishbowl and pouring copious amounts of TetraMix Betta Flakes into the water.

“Oh, the fish?” said roommate Michael Shelston when asked of Bubble’s wellbeing. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s dead. I meant to go get another replacement from the pet store before Michael saw it but I got really busy and ran out of time.” Eaton, who considered dropping a pebble on Bubbles yesterday morning, is willing to give it one more day.

At press time, Eaton’s roommates announced that Bubbles “may be more comfortable in the toilet.”

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