Report: Mom Shitting On Grandma Pretty Hard

Saying it’s “so frustrating to talk with her the older she gets,” area mom Debbie Epstein reportedly ripped the grandmother of her children a fucking new one after getting off the phone with her last Wednesday evening.

“Jeez, your grandmother can’t remember anything these days,” said Epstein, after hanging up the phone and rolling her eyes. “This must be the third time I’ve had to remind her that your cousin Evelyn is coming into town for dinner next week and wants to see her.”

According to Epstein’s daughter, Claire, the verbal berating of the 90-year-old woman she calls “Grammie” seemed unjustified and “pretty mean.”

“I don’t know what Mom’s deal is with Gram lately,” said Claire. “All she does is complain about how confused she always seems and how loud her coughing is at church. Can’t she cut her a break? She’s older than both of us combined.”

“It’s the same thing every time we’re on the phone. I feel like I have to repeat myself every time,” said Epstein, about the woman who is still planning to host Thanksgiving dinner despite not being able to stand for more than five minutes at a time. “Boy, you’d think that oxygen tank she wheels around would send a little more air up to her brain.”

When asked by her daughter what exactly her grandmother had done to make her mother so irritated, Epstein reportedly claimed “it’s the same thing every time with her.”

“Oh, you know Grandma,” Epstein said to her children, who certainly did not know what their mother was about to imply about their house-bound grandmother. “Every quick check-in turns into 15 minutes of me yelling into the phone. She should do us all a favor and get a hearing aid already.”

At press time, Epstein was impersonating her mother by pretending to use a cane.

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