Tim Kaine’s ‘Godfather’ Impression A Hoot At National Security Briefing

Kaine reportedly continued speaking in what he thought was an Italian accent for the remainder of the day.

Saying that “the folks at the Pentagon just ate it up,” vice-presidential hopeful Tim Kaine was reportedly “glowing” following the recent briefing regarding cyber security, which also marked the debut of his Don Corleone impression.

“Through the first two hours of the meeting, Senator Kaine was visibly disinterested. He was staring out the window, looking down at his watch, and I even think I saw him scrolling through Twitter on his phone,” said Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work. “It wasn’t until the topic of the application of cyber attacks in organized crime that Kaine seemed even aware of his surroundings.”

It was then that Kaine reportedly came alive, standing up and clearing his throat to get the attention of his peers. “I’m making Apple an offer they won’t forget!” the suddenly revitalized senator from Virginia reportedly remarked, donning the persona of Vito Corleone, orphaned Sicilian immigrant turned cunning New York City crime boss.

The impression, while initially met with looks of bewilderment from his colleagues, was met with raucous laughter from others in the room, many of whom had been sitting in meetings for several hours.

“Hey! I’m walkin’ here!” Kaine reportedly continued, utterly lost in the role and oblivious to the fact that he was no longer quoting the The Godfather but rather Dustin Hoffman in “Midnight Cowboy. “

Despite several more misquotations and pauses to correct himself, Kaine was undeterred, and continued his ad-libbed impressions for over 3 minutes.

Liam Gundy, personal aide to the potential Vice President, told reporters that the impression was neither accurate nor appropriate, but nonetheless killed.

At press time, an enthusiastic Kaine impressed a room full of reporters with a barrage of unsuccessful card tricks.

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