Video With Graphic Content Warning Better Be Fucked Up Enough For Colin’s Liking

McMann, fast-forwarding to the good part.

Preparing to open a link with a graphic content warning, avid consumer of online content Colin McMann, reportedly state d that the video “better be pretty fucked up.”

The video, which was at the bottom of an article titled “Train Crash Kills 9, Injures 30,” was featured on BBC’s world news page.

“I know what I’m getting into. If you hype me up for so called ‘graphic content’ and nobody loses a limb, then I’m gonna be a little upset,” said McMann about online content labeled with warnings. “This isn’t television, this is the internet. It’s supposed to be anything goes.”

The video was reportedly prefaced by a short paragraph explaining that the featured content contained violence and might not be suitable for all audiences, then contained a pop-up featuring the words “Graphic Content Warning” in bold, red text along with an age confirmation dialogue.

“Look, when I clicked on the train crash video, I expected to actually see the train actually crash, maybe even a body go flying,” McMann told reporters. “If you’re trying to sell helicopter footage of the aftermath as ‘sensitive material’ then you’re wasting my time.”

“I mean, I’ve seen some pretty graphic shit,” McMann continued. “If you’re gonna share a video of a guy running across a freeway, then I better be able to see him get hit.”

At press time, McMann was skipping forward through a Boko Haram beheading video to see if they actually went through with it.

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