Will Someone Please Sit With Billy At The Peanut Free Table In The Dining Hall?

Hey folks! Just a heads up, Billy mentioned to me the other day that he’s been pretty lonely at lunchtime being the only peanut free kid in our hall and all. Now don’t tell him I mentioned this to you; he’d be so embarrassed. But I think it would be really kind if one or two of y’all could sit with him at lunch everyday. Maybe organize a rotation or something?

I know he feels pretty isolated. I guess Billy used to have peanut free friends who always sat with him at his old school. Now that he’s in college in our impressively allergy-free hall, he’s been pretty lonely. And it doesn’t help that his roommate, Zach, eats peanut products in the room without asking. Poor Billy has to sit in the hall and wait for all the little peanut particles to dissipate.

Oh, but please, don’t tell Zach I said that either. He’s a good kid, just kind of a stubborn goofball sometimes. I guess that’s the reason I’m coming to you all. You seem like a nice, inclusive bunch. Don’t think I don’t see you when you held the door for Jamie that week she was on crutches. She may not say it, but I know she appreciates that, and I do too.

That’s why I think you’re the perfect bunch for Billy. What do you say? Just try sitting at the peanut free table this week and see how it goes. Please? The other RAs and I are really sick of trading off sitting with him.

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